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Ashley Ticker version 2.5

A highly configurable ticker tape with which you could scroll multiple messages or images.

Almost everything is adjustable. You could change the typeface, fontsize, fontstyle, speed of scrolling, as well as the colors of the ticker tape messages. You could also add a drop down shadow to the scrolling text with an offset of your choice as well as painting a background image and or border which will automatically scale to the size of the applet. The vertical position of the scrolling text or graphics relative to the applet is also adjustable. More than one message or image, displaying for a specified number of times or randomly, could be defined.

One interesting feature of this ticker tape is that it responds to mouse clicking and dragging while displaying some funny messages in the status bar of your browser window. Of course, these messages could also be customized.

Take a look at the two examples below. The first one shows a scrolling image, which will change randomly whenever you reload or resize the page, on top of my photograph. The second one scrolls several messages one after the other. Are you surprise to learn that they are actually one and the same applet?


Author: Ashley Cheng ( March 1996
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